Shooting Ranges

There are two pistol/rimfire rifle ranges and two rifle ranges at the Canby Rod & Gun Club  These ranges are outdoor and covered, as well as equipped with benches and sand bags.  There is also a shotgun range with 7 trap houses, available to members and the public on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  A mechanical trap thrower available to members and guests at any other time.  The club has an archery range, with a backstop of csrpet bales, and range marks of 20, 30, and 40 yards.


Pistol & Rimfire Rifle Range

The 50 yard ranges are divided into two ranges, separated by a concrete-filled cement block wall.  The ranges are separated to allow some shooters at 50 yards (generally on the right range), while other shooters can fire at a range of less than 50 yards (generally on the left range).  If you wish to shoot at ranges of less than 50 yards, obtain the agreement of other shooters on the range and then move forward to shoot closer to the backstop.  Do not set targets at intermediate ranges between the 50 yard line and the backstop as a bullet may ricochet off the ground and go over the backstop.  If you have moved a shooting bench forward of the 50 yard shooting positions, replace it on under the covered area when you are done shooting.  Shooters are responsible for cleaning up their shooting positions, and removing their targets and disposing of them in the trash barrels provided.

The 50 yard ranges have wire cables strung between posts in front of the berm.  Targets must be attached to target frames and suspended below the cable, or placed on the backstop behind the cable.  Do not shoot at any target on the hillside of the 100 yard range.

The 50 yard ranges are intended for use with pistols and .22 or .17 caliber rimfire rifles.  Centerfire or muzzleloading rifles may be initially sighted in on the 25/50 yard range, but must be loaded and fired one round at a time.  The 50 yard range rules can be found here.


Pistol Ranges



Rifle Range

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100 Yard Rifle Range

The 100 yard range provides covered shooting positions and target frames behind the 100 yard berm.  Upon a cease fire on the range, shooters may proceed down range to place or remove targets from the target holder.  Before going down range, the shooter must turn on the red flashing lights over each shooting position by using a switch located at each end of the covered shooting area.  The flags should also be placed in the holders in the three positions along the covered shooting area.  A last trip down range should be made when the shooter is finished firing to remove used targets, and to lower the target frame below the berm.  The shooter is responsible for policing the range and shooting position after use.  Fired and unfired cartridges, used containers and other trash should be picked up and placed in the appropriate receptacle.

The 100 yard range is intended principally for use with center fire firearms.  No handgun shooting is allowed on the 100 yard range except with written permission from a member of the board of directors or the range chairman.  The 100 yard range rules can be found here.


200/300 Yard Rifle Range

The 200 and 300 yard ranges are in the process of being moved, and are not currently available  Check the calendar for availability. No handgun shooting is allowed on the 200 and 300 yard ranges except with written permission from a member of the board of directors or the range chairman.  There are specific procedures for the use of the 200 and 300 yard ranges to insure the safety of club members.  Please see the specific rules for this range.

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