The bylaws of the Canby Rod & Gun Club restrict the club to 500 members.  Each February the membership committee of the club meets to determine the number of new members the club can accept, and then selects applicants in the order in which their application was received until the membership again totals 500 members.  If the openings in a particular year are few, and the number of applicants is large, it is possible that not every applicant will be able to join the club that year.  If, after filling the available memberships, there are still applicants who have not been selected, the membership committee retains their applications until new members are selected again.

To become a member of the Canby Rod & Gun Club you must meet the following criteria:

You may apply for membership on-line, or mail a membership application to:

         Canby Rod & Gun Club
         25011 S. Molalla Forest Road
         Canby, Oregon 97013

Annual dues are $125.00.  In 2014 the members voted to assess themselves and every new member $300.00 in order to purchase the property on which the club resides.  The dues and assessment are payable when the membership application is approved.  If not already a member, the applicant may join the NRA or the GOA at the same time as joining the CRGC.  The basic NRA dues are currently $35.00 per year.


Membership Benefits

The Club holds a FFL with a Class 3 Special Occupational Tax Stamp, and has several national distributors and manufacturers from whom the members may choose to purchase firearms.  We also have an account with a local sporting goods distributor which allows members to purchase hunting, fishing, and camping gear, and related equipment, at Club prices.

The Club has an annual meeting, for members only, in January which consists of the meeting, supper, raffles, door prizes, and time to socialize with other members.  There is also a picnic in August for members, family, and their guests.  The picnic includes shooting, food, and games for all attendees.  We open the ranges to the public on the last two weekends in September for hunters to sight-in their firearms.  The Club holds various shoots throughout the year with prizes for the best shooters.  Each Tuesday and Thursday evening, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, the trap ranges are open for practice and league trap shooting.  The trap fee for members is currently $4.00 for a practice round of 25 targets.  The trap fee for non-members is $5.00 for a practice round.  On Tuesday evenings one trap is dedicated to games.  The cost is $2.00 per game for members or non-members, and non-members are also charged a $2.00 range fee for the evening to play the games.  On Tuesday evenings a light meal is usually available from the CRGC kitchen and grill for those who wish to have an evening at the club.  The fireplace is ignited in the winter, and a deck of cards can sometimes be found if the rain gets unusually heavy.

The archery, manual trap, rifle, and pistol ranges are open to club members every day from 7:00 AM until dusk, or 10:00 PM, whichever occurs first.  There is no charge for range usage for club members or members of their family.  There is a $5.00 per day range fee for member's guests, who may use the ranges when the member is present on the range with them.

The club offers a hunter’s safety class at least two times a year.  These class fees are set by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  There are other activities and classes for Boy Scouts, junior hunters, and junior shooters held throughout the year as well.  There is no charge for any activities for juniors for club members or members of their family.  The Club offers a scheduled list of NRA shooting classes, basic and advanced reloading, and range safety officer training.  There is a fee for these classes - see the calendar notes for the class for specifics.

The club house may be rented by members for various functions.